Hi, I’m Julie Andrea

Hi, I’m Julie Andrea

Baker. Entrepreneur. Mom

I am obsessed with  cooking , baking and spending time with my family.   Growing up, I was surrounded by great cooks; between my Granny,  Aunties and my mom, there was always something great cooking in the kitchen!  As I got older I wanted to learn the recipes that were brewing in the kitchen so that I could eventually pass them down to my daughter. 

 I am an Afro-Caribbean from Guyana, South America.  My mom moved us to Brooklyn, New York with one suitcase and 4 kids when I was 9 years old for a better opportunity.   I pretty much learned how to live my life fearlessly by watching her.  I recently ended a 20 year marriage, which- like most things in life, I am trying to learn how to navigate through. I have been through countless fires, and somehow God has brought me out of them all.

Ultimately, I am growing and adapting to whatever life throws at me.

I  have three children. I had my oldest son at 16 years old, so I didn’t have time to learn what I liked or didn’t like.  With time,   I am learning I like being creative. I am obsessed with being in the kitchen, and  I just found a new love for taking pictures.  I am a therapist to a lot of my friends as they are to me.  I fail often, and get back up no matter what. I love hard but I pray harder.I currently work a full time job in IT, which I have done for 20 years now. 

A few years ago I took a leap of faith and opened my own bakery called Cakeaholic Obsession. It was a hobby that that turned into a business, which I enjoyed.  I no longer have a store front but I still running my bakery business through a shared commercial space.  I created this space to share my passion for all things sweet, and a behind the scene look at running a cake business with a few tricks of the trade that no one else is willing to share. 

Welcome to my new obsession.